A downloadable game

Play as the Kraken guarding the deep sea from a fleet of ships!


  • Endless survival typing game
  • Once on a streak, take control and go on a rampage!
  • Smooth difficulty progression, anyone can play!

Created for the Game Maker's Tool Kit game jam 2020: Out Of Control

Team: Mustafa Kirgul, Wu Zhang, Bernice Wong, Pamela Payad

Install instructions

There is a build error in the download link. Please use this link to play:


Press SPACE on the title screen to continue to the game. 

The first ship will appear 20 seconds after you press start.

Thanks for playing!


KeyboardKraken.zip 14 MB


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Hi Everyone, apologies for slightly too easy difficulty curve, we're gonna rework how the game ramps up and perhaps add in some new elements in a new future iteration :)